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XS sand washing machine

What is a Sand Washer ? The sand washing machine is washing sand separation equipment

Sand Washer is an artificial sand ( natural sand ) , high-quality washing equipment , also known as stone washing machine . The machine is mainly used for sand products to remove impurities (such as dust ) , because in the course of washing method , so sand washing machine . Among them, because the general mechanism of sand ( stone broken from ), also known as stone washing machine . Because of their appearance and principles , also known as spiral sand washing machine , drum , sand washing machine , water wheels, sand washing machine , vibration , sand washing machine , etc. .

XS sand washer
YIFAN MACHINE sand washer,Sand washing machine(ONE)

Scope of application of sand washing machine

Sand washing machine is widely used in sand quarry, mine, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station and other industries in the material washing, can also be applied in construction sites, gravel factory, glass factory, hydropower stations and other units used by the smaller particles of sand required washing, grading and dehydration. It can remove the impurities on the surface of the covering sand, while destroying the coated grit vapour layer, in order to dehydration, the efficient sand washing cleaning effect.

Sand washing machine structure

The sand washing machine is mainly composed of seven parts : gears, reducers , brackets, sedimentation tank , impellers , pulleys , motors and other important parts .

XS sand washing machine
YIFAN MACHINE sand washer,Sand washing machine(TWO)

Sand washing machine works

Work when the power unit through V-belt , reducer , gear reducer driven impeller rotating slowly , sand and gravel into the wash tank to the trough in the impeller , driven by rolling and grinding each other , except to cover the gravel surface impurities . destruction of both the vapor layer of the coated sand , in order to facilitate dehydration ; add water to form a strong water flow , timely impurities and a small proportion of foreign body away , and discharged from the wash tank overflow export to complete the cleaning effect . Clean sand from the leaves away , the final sand and gravel from the rotation of the impeller into the trough to complete the cleaning effect of the gravel .

Sand washing machine principle and structure diagram

Sand washing machine working, motor through a triangle belt, reducer, gear reducer to drive the impeller to rotate slowly, sand and gravel to the trough into the washing tank, the impeller drive roll, and mutual lapping, removal of impurities on the surface covered with gravel, while destroying the coated grit vapour layer, in order to facilitate the dehydration; while adding water, formation of strong current, timely impurities and the proportion of small foreign body away, and from the overflow outlet washing tank discharge, complete cleaning effect. Clean gravel from the leaves away, finally, sand and gravel from the rotation of the impeller into the discharge chute, complete sand cleaning effect.

Sand washing machine classification

The sand washing machine can be divided into two types : XS -type washing sand machine and the XL version wash sand .

Sand washing machine selection

Sand washing machine from the use of the angle of view is divided into two , one is sand washing system , which is a broad sand washing machine , a relatively wide range of application ; another is usually referred to the supporting Sand sand washing machine, in actual use be limited. A broad sand washing machine is said to wash the sand system can be used not only in the sand making machine , but also widely used in the cleaning of mud, stones and other impurities contained in the sand , to sand , weathered sand , wash out of the sand is commonly known as " washed sand " . Widely used in Sunaba , mixing stations and a variety of key projects .

Sand washing machine features:

[1] 、bucket wheel type sand washing machine structure is simple, the impeller drive bearing device with water and water material isolation substantially avoids bearing due to water, sand and pollutants cause damage to the phenomenon of.

[2] 、sand washing machine ( sand washing machine ) for sand quarry sand washing with traditional spiral sand washing machine is more remarkable advantage as follows:

(A). with long service life, long-term need repair.
(B). bucket wheel type sand washing machine in addition to screen and almost no wearing parts.
(C). fine sand and powder loss with minimal, washing building sand gradation and fineness modulus of sand for building" national" reach"," scale building pebble gravel.

[3] 、sand washing machine structure is reasonable, convenient repair, large handling capacity, small power consumption, high cleanliness. Novel sealing structure, the blockade of the oil bath type transmission device, adjustable overflow weir plate, to ensure that the products of high performance, durable, cleaning, good dewatering effect, fine products to maintain the chaos characteristics.

[4] 、spiral sand washing machine used for construction sites, gravel factory, glass factory, hydropower stations and other units used by the smaller particles of sand and gravel for washing, grading and dehydration.

Sand washing machine technical parameters

Diameters of The
Wheel Buckert(mm)
Speed of Rotor(r/min) Feed Opening Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw)
Overall Dimensions
XS2600 2600 2.5 ≤10 20-50 5.5 3515×2070×2672 2500
XS2600 (II) 2600 2.5 ≤10 30-70 5.5 3515×2270×2672 2900
XS2800 2800 1.2 ≤10 50-100 7.5 3900×3300×2990 3980
XS3200 3200 1 ≤10 80-120 11 3965×4440×3410 7270
XS3600 3600 1 ≤10 120-180 15 4355×4505×3810 9430
Note:Capacities are relative to physical charzcter and type of feeding,feeding size and composition and so on.
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