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ZSW Vibrating Feeder

ZSW Series Vibrating Feeder Product Overview :

ZSW Series Vibrating Feeder screening feeder , with a stable vibration , reliable operation and long service life , broken machinery continuous, uniform unfinished , and materials for coarse screening is widely used in crushing and screening equipment , mineral processing, building materials , metallurgy , silicate and chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower , mining industry , and can be transported to the bucket elevators , crushers, shredders, and belt conveyors and other screening feeding device , as well as for automatic batching and quantitative packing , and the available automatic control processes , automation of production processes .

ZSW vibrating feeder

ZSW vibration feed--YIFAN Machinery (YF-27)

ZSW Series Vibrating Feeder How it works:

ZSW Series Vibrating Feeder by a spring bracket to the trough, vibrator , spring and motor components . Exciter gear mesh composed of two into a specific position of the eccentric shaft , the assembly must be made two gears by tag engages with the motor drive , two eccentric axis of rotation , resulting in the great synthesis of linear exciting force , forced vibration of the body on the support spring , the material is this vibration - based power , sliding and throwing in the trough movements so that the material forward to achieve the purpose of feeding the material through the sieve tank , the smaller material falls through the sieve of the gap , do not undergo the next crushing process , play the effect of screening .

ZSW Series Vibrating Feeder features advantages :

[1]、Low noise, to improve the working environment.

[2]、Grid can adjust the clearance, prevent the material jam.

[3]、In the feed at the same time, pre sieving fine material, improve the crushing efficiency.

[4]、The eccentric shaft vibration exciting force principle design, mainly used for rough crusher before feeding.

[5]、Small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, convenient installation, repair, low operation cost.

[6]、Optional variable speed motor control of feeding materials, without the need for frequent starting of the motor.

[7]、Linear track vibration balance special bar design, can prevent the material blocking, grid clearance is adjustable.

[8]、Together with the motor speed without adjusting the eccentric block can be conveniently stepless regulating feeding rate.

[9]、Stable vibration, feeding continuous, uniform, to avoid the phenomenon of death, prolong the service life of the equipment.

[10]、Optional stepless speed regulating motor, is convenient for feeding control, without the need for frequent starting of the motor.

[11]、This equipment is in a state of resonance, so the amplitude stability, reliable operation, strong adaptability to various materials.

Vibrating feeder is widely used in sand and gravel production line

Vibrating feeder in the sand and gravel production line has been widely used . The sand and gravel production line is defined according to the type of the material , the production of finished products including stone and sand, also known as aggregates production line . Equivalent to a combination of stone production line and gravel production line . Raw materials in road construction, construction plant, and often require sand and gravel material public production line , this set of aggregates production line equipment will be able to meet the needs of the stone and artificial sand at the same time production requirements .

Stone production line process is roughly as follows: vibrating feeder (bin ) -> -> Jaw Crusher - Impact Crusher -> shaker - > (finished stone) , the middle of each device to the chute or belt conveyor connected. Sand and gravel production line complicated process than the above two , roughly as follows: (Silo) -> Vibrating Feeder - > Jaw Crusher -> ① Crusher machine - vibrating screen -> (finished stone ) ② impact crusher - Vibrating Screen -> sand washing machine - > (finished sand ) . Among them, the shaker can be shared , you can also separate the middle of each device to achieve physical delivery chute or belt conveyor .


vibrating feeder

ZSW vibration feed--YIFAN Machinery (YF-27)

Daily maintenance of vibration feeder

Vibrating Feeder is an easy to use, and maintenance is also very simple feeding equipment , often associated with vibrating conveyor , vibrating screen, bucket elevators , crushers and other ancillary uses , metallurgy, mining, coal, electricity , building materials , chemicals, machinery and other industries ideal feeding equipment used for automatic , quantitative packaging, the process of automatic control .


Vibrating feeder operating procedures :

[1]、Operators should be familiar with the equipment, operation, maintenance, to comply with safety and health regulations.

[2]、The operator before starting work should be read records, and device for carrying out the examination, inspection departments bolt is loose, machine surface damage.

[3]、Feeder start should follow the process system sequentially, forbidden starting with load.

[4]、Feeder in work should always observe the process of feeder loads, such as overload feeder amplitude was significantly reduced should reduce the feeding quantity, and should always check the exciter bearing temperature rise, bearing temperature does not allow more than75DEG c..

[5]、Feeder stop should be consistent with the process of system order, except for special events, prohibit parking parking strip or continue after feeding.

[6]、Shutdown after cleaning machine and feeder surroundings.

Mobile Cone Crusher technical parameters :

Model Max Feed Size (mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) Size of Funnel(mm) Weight(kg)
ZSW-380×95 500 96-230 11 3882×1620×1209 3800×950 4082
 ZSW-490×110   580 120-280 15 4957×1648×1209 4900×1100 5320
ZSW-590×110 600 200-350 22 5957×1648×1365 5900×1100 6130
ZSW-490×130 750 400-560 22 4980×2000×1335 4900×1300 5888
ZSW-600×130 750 400-560 22 6080×2000×1335 6000×1300 7800
ZSW-600×150 1000 460-660 30 6080×2200×1395 6000×1500 9295
ZSW-600×180  1200 500-800 37 6080×2300×1680 6000×1800 12700
ZSW-600×200 1400 600-1000 45 6080×4094×1810 6000×2000 15094
Note:Capacities are relative to physical character and type of feeding,feeding size and composition and so on.
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