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In order to make the best use of service marketing to realize “win-win” situation between our enterprise and customers, YiFan machinery company focuses on the subdivisions of service market, service differentiation, tangibility ,standardization and service brand etc. to formulate the service marketing strategy as the final goal.

Therefore, the tangibility of service products can not only guarantee both the consistency of service and quality, but also change invisible service to visible service for enhancing customers’ sensory ability to service.

The tangibility of service means is a specific process that enterprises provide service and customers enjoy service. Though service means isn’t the core of service product, it can bring the enterprise the influence of “first impressions are strongest”. It is the indispensable condition of enterprise products existing.

We are convinced that we can make our service reflect our own style, it’s no doubt that the most important purpose is to ensure that you can get more returns in the experience of purchasing.


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