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Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular Vibrating Screen is an important classification in which the vibrating screen series

Circular vibrating screen is a classification which Vibrating Screen circular vibration, the number of layers , efficient new Vibrating Screen . Circular vibrating screen cylinder eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block to adjust the amplitude , material screening line , many screening specifications , reliable structure , excitation power , high efficiency, low noise and durable, maintenance convenience , use of safety features , the vibrating screen is widely used in mining, building materials , transportation , energy , chemical industry product classification .

circular vibrating screen
Circular Vibrating Screen --YIFAN Machinery (YF-21)

Classification of the circular vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen into three : the type YK circular vibrating screen YKR type circular vibrating screen and YA circular vibrating sieve

Circular vibrating screen round overview and working principle

Circular vibrating sieve is mainly composed of screen box , screen , vibrator and damping spring . The vibrator is mounted on the side panel of the screen box , through belt - driven by the motor rotation, the centrifugal inertia force , forcing the vibration of the screen box . If no special requirements , YA, and 2YA type for the textile screen surface , YAH - punching the screen surface , can meet all kinds of screen surface .


Circular Vibrating Screen The main purpose and conditions of use

This series of circular vibrating screen the materials to do a circular movement in the net surface for coal, metallurgy , mining and other departments for product classification with the Vibrating screen machine processing capability , high screening efficiency , with a reasonable technical parameters , structural strength , high stiffness, reliable operation , low noise and easy maintenance .

vibrating screen
Circular Vibrating Screen --YIFAN Machinery (YF-21)

Circular Vibrating Screen applicable industry

[1]、The chemical industry : resin , paint , industrial chemicals , cosmetics , paints , traditional Chinese medicine powder .

[2]、The food industry : powdered sugar , starch , salt , rice flour , milk powder , soy milk , egg powder , soy sauce , juice , etc. .

[3]、Deal with public nuisance : the characteristics of waste oil , waste water , dyeing and finishing wastewater , additives , activated carbon

[4]、Metal , Mining and Metallurgy : aluminum powder, lead powder , copper powder , ore alloy powder , welding rod powder , manganese dioxide , electrolytic copper powder, electric magnetic materials , abrasive powder , refractory , kaolin , lime , alumina , heavy carbonate calcium, and quartz sand .

Circular Vibrating Screen structural characteristics

Driven screen machine with a simple structure , manufacturing is easier to maintain the lobe -shaped coupling and flexible disc coupling , to overcome the defects of a universal coupling fragile ; vibrator block eccentric structure , simple structure ; can be equipped to choose increase the the shaker effective screening area to the bins, the application of the bins , and at the same time extend the screen life of the feed side ; the transmission part of the increase of the intermediate bearing and intermediate bearing the application of effective protection of the motor , extending the motor life . The motor is installed on the left side of the screen frame can be installed on the right side of the screen frame . This series of screening machines for seat installation . The screen surface inclination angle can be adjusted by changing the spring bearing position height to achieve .

Circular Vibrating Screen structure:

Vibrating sieve machine main screen box , screen , vibrator , damping spring device , chassis and other components . Cylinder eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block help to adjust the amplitude vibrator installed in the side panel of the screen box by the motor through belt - driven rotary , centrifugal inertia force , and force the screen box vibration . Screen side plate with high quality steel plate is made of the side panels and beams , shaker base is made of high strength bolts or ring groove rivet connections . The vibrator is mounted on the side panel of the screen box , one by the motor to drive the rotation through the coupling , resulting in centrifugal force , forcing the sieve vibration .

Circular Vibrating Screen structure and main advantages :

Circular Vibrating Screen ( the shaker ) structure: mainly composed of screen box , shaker , the suspension (or support ) devices and motors composition . Motor V-belt driven exciter spindle rotation , the centrifugal force due to imbalance exciter on the heavy weights , so that the screen box was vibration . Change the eccentric weight exciter , the availability of different amplitudes .

Circular vibrating screen of the main advantages :

[1]、Simple structure, and replace them easy to screen surface .

[2]、Circular Vibrating Screen with spring steel woven mesh or punching sieve long life, easy to block the hole .

[3]、Circular vibrating screen using rubber isolators spring , long life, low noise and smooth , over the resonance region .

[4]、Circular vibrating screen cylinder eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block help to adjust the amplitude, use and maintenance.

[5]、Strong vibration of the screen box , reducing the phenomenon of the material clogging the sieve , sieve screening efficiency and productivity .

Circular Vibrating Screen use and maintenance

Circular vibrating screen screen surface materials to start, try to avoid including material and boot screen machines running smoothly before I can give material . The stop should stop feeding , until the surface material to exclude and then stop . Screen Machine operation should always observe the course of their work , such as movement is not normal or abnormal sound, and should promptly stop to check , identify the causes and troubleshooting .

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