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Jaw crusher wear phenomena and common approach

Jaw crusher is a cyclical bearing equipment, its dependence on the drive when crushing materials is mainly reflected in the final crushing material degree. High crushing ratio transmission bearings need to play a greater role in persuading a large torque jaw job, so power consumption will be significantly improved, and if the user has no direct crushing grade requirements, you can use, and low current operations.

Common wear and tear:

Thermal wear:

Thermal wear is the prime mover, steam copper smoke, dry dry extinguishers and other thermal units are unique. Cast iron parts, as can be seen when repeated heating iron volume increase (swelling) of the sharp image. This phenomenon is very bad because of the structure of cast iron under high temperature change. Thermal wear is also generated due to friction surface heating. And thermal wear the same time, changes in the surface structure and properties. Materials for thermal wear resistance and heat resistance of the friction surface of the part of a relationship.

Corrosion and wear:

Corrosion of metals and metal wear is referred to the role of chemical and electrochemical results. With the metal surface due to corrosion was broken tower, while a group of potholes, scars and rust - corrosion product. Corrosion can be all of the (uniform) or partial (concentrated). Corrosion damage starting from the surface and by two extends to water, air and chemicals directly inside the metal. Rust corrosion during these most common.

Jaw crusher not only be subject to thermal wear, corrosion, abrasion, constantly at work due liner wear by minerals, making the discharge opening width becomes larger. In order to ensure product size requirements, must be promptly adjust the width of the discharge opening.

Jaw crusher in the production process are subject to wear is inevitable, but as long as attentive care will make a lasting crusher.

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