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Mine quarry stone production line to select the method of the crusher?

Continue the transformation of sand and gravel as the urban road building materials in short supply in recent years, artificial sand is being used more and more to the construction industry. Mining and stone crushing plant and sand making production line to begin mass production of artificial aggregates. The face the crusher equipment array on the market, companies buy mine stone crusher how to choose it? Yifan Mechanical Engineers, finishing 3 for the majority of customers choose crusher reference conditions:

Sand production line
Sand production line

1, the characteristics of raw materials

a,The hardness of the raw material, graded, clay content and moisture content is a very important parameter. Different raw materials should choose the different crushing and screening machinery.

b,Raw material hardness is large, generally choose jaw crusher, cone crusher as the primary crusher, raw material hardness is small, the choice of the impact crusher as the primary crusher.

c,Gradation of raw materials will also affect the overall parameters should be selected in accordance with the maximum particle size of the rock, for the production of the rock from the quarry blasting, primary crusher; raw material for sand folder gravel layer, you should select the primary crusher according to the grading curve and pre-screening machinery; should be configured if the clay content in the raw materials, higher water content, should be considered a wet crushing and screening operations processes. Overall, according to the process and the various parts of the productivity of the raw material particle size selection device, according to the hardness of the raw material to choose in the form of coarse crushing equipment.

2, product quality requirements

The quality of the product particle size, product size distribution, particle shape, in various engineering, product quality requirements of the same processing quality of the product, and broken machinery and production processes.

Product particle size is small, the total crushing ratio of crushing and screening equipment, more of the grain size of the product, the more complex equipment. Sometimes in order to get a variety of grades of gravel, dedicated a separate screening machinery to grading. In many projects, the dust content of the gravel compound should not be too high, these dust is harmful to the quality of the concrete. When the dust excessive levels, it is necessary to increase a cleaning process.

3, productivity

Productivity is an important process parameters in the crushing and screening equipment. Productivity requirements include two content, the size specifications product productivity, and the other is the productivity of all products. For engineering practice, more meaningful productivity of each size specifications. Therefore, in determining the productivity of equipment, you should first consider the actual needs of the project.

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