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Jaw crusher is professional and broken granite crushing machine
Granite jaw crusher the biggest feature is the ability to produce high-quality stone grain shape, with crushing integer performance. Good grain stone to the building to add better mechanical properties of higher prices in the market, of course, back-breaking cost of wearing parts wear than the equivalent yield fine jaw broken, cone crusher. Flakiness stone and the nature of the original smooth stone used for construction is difficult to achieve the mechanical properties can be formed in polygonal cube stone. Therefore, impact crusher is mainly used for building stone crusher field, provide high-quality grain shape stone for roads, railways, airports, terminals, high-rise buildings.
Granite is a widely used building materials. Granite resource rich, wide distribution, varieties other advantages. The traditional folk granite building houses, roads, bridges. Granite belonging to contain a high amount of quartz, iron rarely a particularity ore, its crystalline binding fastening, fine texture, acid, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, is a high-quality corrosion-resistant materials, can be used in chemical , the field of metallurgy, thermal power, cement, printing and dyeing, defense facilities.
Granite rich in quartz and feldspar coarse-grained or medium-grained intrusive rocks, is the most common plutonic rocks in the earth's crust, formed by cooling magma deep in the crust. As for paving stones and building stone, mining granite was once an important industry. The design of the crushing process, Zhen Xin Heavy Industries as much as possible the selection of laminated principle of crushing equipment in order to reduce the loss of the wear parts. A typical laminating equipment configuration is two broken jaw or broken jaw and the cone break the process configuration. If the customers have high requirements on the final stone grain type, you can configure a counterattack broken stone integer crushing, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. Three-stage crushing will inevitably lead to higher investment costs of the project, but for long-term operation of stones factory, the three-stage crushing to reduce the production cost is very impressive.
The granite by mechanical crushing or broken mechanical crushing and screening from the strength and other properties more natural sand is superior. Some metal and nonmetal mines in the mining and processing, resulting in a large number of tailings, an urgent need for comprehensive utilization, on the other hand. Is the production of good raw material of the crusher. Of the production mechanism of sand instead of natural sand is an inevitable trend. One hand can make a lot of tailings and granite can be used repeatedly, on the other hand, can be machined to produce good quality, can adapt to the needs of a variety of labels concrete. Granite crusher are superior in terms of physical properties or chemical properties of natural sand.
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