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Jaw crusher in feldspar crushing plant applications
Feldspar as ceramic and glass in flux play an important role, are also used as functional fillers in paints, plastics, rubber, adhesives industry, an important component of feldspar, an important raw material in the manufacture of glass, because it is as a co-flux, reduces the melting temperature of the quartz, and help control the viscosity of the glass. As the flux, the content of alkali feldspar glass batch melting temperature decreases, thus reducing production costs.
Feldspar crushing plant: jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor! Feldspar lithotripsy: large feldspar material is fed to the jaw crusher evenly and gradually by vibrating feeder for primary crushing through the hopper. After crushing, the material will be fed to the cone crusher, belt conveyor for secondary crushing, and then pulverized potassium feldspar material will be transported to the vibrating sieve for separation. After separation, the will be isolated aggragates, can meet your requirements, as the final product, and other aggragates will return to the cone crusher, the whole process can form a closed circuit. The size of the final product, according to your specific requirements. Related equipment for feldspar crushing plant combined and graded.
Feldspar crusher
Feldspar crusher
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