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69 jaw crusher + efficient hydraulic cone crusher used in gold crushing production line

Crushing gold output of 100 tons more than 12mm finished material into the mill after grinding.Customers high performance requirements of the equipment, it is recommended to use the new jaw crusher, convenient, fast, and accurate; bearings, durable parts; running very smooth, very low noise, the basic need to anchor bolts fixed machine will notoffset occurs. The customers advanced jaw crusher favor immediately decided no matter how much more expensive this configuration! Next, crushing efficient hydraulic cone crusher, reasonably 600x900 jaw crusher configure the 1300 or 1380 highly efficient Hydraulic Cone Crusher is sufficient, but due to customer requirements 100 tons are finished 12mm and disposable crushing, after a sail machinery and technical personnel, the final customer configurations efficient hydraulic Cone Crusher (crushing cavity) can be realized a one-time equipment broken, simplify the process!

Hydraulic Cone Crusher
Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Sand and gravel production line in the design process, the main products are: artificial sand (0.075-4.75mm) and 5-10mm,10-20mm,20-31 .5 mm four stone. And gravel production equipment at all levels crushing a reasonable match, as well as rigorous cross-space layout. Equipment available for Aggregates Production: screening equipment (shaker, winnowing sieve) feeding equipment (ZSW series vibrating feeder), crushing equipment (jaw crusher, impact crusher, efficient crushing machine, PCL vertical shaft impact crusher, etc.). The sets of sand and gravel production line equipment is also widely used in the cement industry Aggregates Production, it has a small footprint, high investment cost, good quality aggregates, low powder output characteristics, and equipped with advanced electronic control system, to ensure that the entire process the material smooth, reliable operation, easy to operate, energy efficient. It is the preferred equipment for the production of high-quality sand and gravel.

Yifan Machinery Large sand production line use of advanced intelligent control system of production, in the construction of intelligent control system through the preparation process to handle the device chain relationship greatly simplifies the control cabinet electrical wiring, easy maintenance, to ensure that the production process continuitysaving and flexibility, improve the efficiency of the production line at the same time, labor costs, to gravel IDM productivity to a higher level. Yifan Machinery production and construction in every detail of our excellence, only to ensure that our customers peace of mind.

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