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YIFAN crushing equipment advances in technology

 In terms of equipment and technology, through the primary crusher machine stone production equipment for continuous skills upgrading, from the beginning of the traditional jaw crusher to a gravel shaping the development of large jaw crusher, designed for railway and infrastructure to provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregate,.
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Jaw crusher is the most ancient crushing equipment, after a long development process, jaw crusher is still the popular equipment, jaw crusher has seen an unparalleled advantage. compared with conventional devices under the same power, its production increased by 30% and stable, scientific feeding crushing structure, crushing chamber depth and no dead zone, greatly improved feed capacity and yield, and its jaw crusher crushing ratio, uniform particle size, good to meet a ballast crushing production needs. 

 Jaw crusher equipment due to innovation, crushing machine need to get attention, so as to develop crusher machine parts industry made ​​a role in promoting nature. Crushers are designed in accordance with certain specifications, so be on the stiffness and wear resistance of materials to do a full understanding, select the appropriate models, jaw crusher crushing hard rock provides the best choice. 

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