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The reason analysis of vertical shaft impact crusher better than the other the impact crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusher in the design and other impact equipment depend on the ore and suddenly the impact between solid objects, thus, they and other impact crusher has the common basic characteristics, its design is better than that of extrusion type.If the feeding mouth is large enough, the nature of the mineral crushing can obtain high granularity crushing ratio, and can produce forming good product particles.Natural crushing method is used to crushing ore good metal particles can be broken into.
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Vertical shaft impact crusher is better than that of other impact crusher's main advantages due to its unique design features.Vertical shaft impact crusher is mainly driven by belt center vertical shaft to rotate the flat parts with vertical guide.With high speed for the rotor dryer manufacturers materials by centrifugal force along the horizontal direction injection to the impact of the crushing cavity in the plane.There are two main impact plane.

In ore - metal crushing equipment, ore by the feeder in ore material distributor, the distributor will material evenly distributed between the guide impeller.Impeller material mass ejection to fixed around the crushing cavity is called the anvil iron metal surface.Each piece of block is fixed.The Angle and distance are set according to the special purpose in order to obtain the biggest breakage rate.Broken material into the layout area, this is the basic working principle of impact crusher.Washing sand vendors would produce a series of system of sand production line, sand washing machine, spiral sand washing machine, sand making equipment, reasonable price, reliable performance, artificial sand system is the preferred equipment.

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