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Hydraulic cone crusher during operation six matters that need attention

Hydraulic Cone Crusher used in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and silicate industry, raw material crushing, can crush medium and above medium hardness ores and rocks. Cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size, suitable for a variety of pieces and crushing ores, rocks.


SMH series hydraulic cone crusher is the introduction and absorption of foreign technology, based on the customer's needs, based on multi-laminated crushing principle and less grinding breaking conceptual design developed set of high-frequency pendulum, optimize cavity and rational stroke in one of the modern high-performance crusher equipment. SMH series hydraulic cone crusher is SDY Series CC cone crusher improvements, optimization, updating alternative products. And SDY Series cone crusher compared: a reliable structure, high efficiency, easy adjustment and economic characteristics.


The following is a cone crusher during operation Note 6 issues, wants customers to be caused during operation the necessary attention, it can avoid the cone crusher operation failure.

[1] must be uniform to the mine feeder, feeding speed is not too fast or too slow, product size to meet the requirements.

[2] pay attention to the row of ore and transport belt conveyor operation so as to avoid clogging accidents.

[3] Always check the pumps, coolers, filters and fuel oil, oil return temperature should not exceed 60 ℃.

[4] Check the dust seal drainage, if no water is not allowed to run.

[5] pay attention to check the locking hydraulic cylinder, adjusting ring must be run in the locked state.

[6] regular checks liner wear, paying particular attention to adjust ring liner bolts, if loose, can cause liner loose. New for the liner after 24h at work, you should stop tightening once.

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