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How to maintain the impact crusher?

Impact Crusher is recycling concrete, sand production line, limestone production lines commonly used in stone crushing equipment. Impact Crusher is widely used in building materials, ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, transportation, energy, cement, mining, chemical and other industries crushing work. So, impact crusher in the course of maintenance work should be how to do it?

First, check the machine

1, crusher machine running smoothly point, when a sudden increase in the amount of vibration machine should stop immediately identify the reasons for cancellation.

2, under normal circumstances, bearing long should not exceed 35 degrees, the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 degrees, as more than 70 degrees, should be immediately stopped, identify the cause.

3, when the board hammer wear limit is reached using a U-turn sign, timely replacement.

4, after assembly or replacement plate hammer, must maintain rotor balance, static balance does not exceed 0.25kg.m.

5, when the rack liner wear and should be replaced to avoid wear cabinet.

6, each to be checked before starting the bolts fastening the status of all.


Second, after opening and closing the cover

When the racks lining, back lining, board hammer wearing parts need to be replaced after wear and tear, or machine malfunction need to eliminate, the use of the ratchet device open and close the cover, replacement and repair.

[1] Open the back cover

Prior to account opening cover, you should unscrew the nut and bolt, and then put in the lower arm pad superstructure. When turned on, take two people simultaneously, pulling the ratchet device that slowly open the top cover. When turned on near the end of the lower arm pads should touch the lower slope in advance to ensure safe and secure.

[2] Close the back cover

Upon completion of the replacement or repair, turn on the little lever ratchet device while operating between two people can slowly close the cover. Before closing the cover, turn off the surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Third, lubrication

1, the constant attention and timely manner lubrication friction surface.

2, the machine used in lubricating oil, should be determined based on the location of the crusher machines, temperature and other conditions, the general use of calcium - sodium based lubricants.

3, each working eight hours after the first filling oil to the bearings, grease once every three months, when the application of clean gasoline or kerosene oil change carefully cleaned bearings, adding grease inside the bearing is 50% by volume .


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