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How to select stone production line equipment

With the development of China's real estate industry is enduring, which means increased demand for sand and gravel, with a lack of natural sand, artificial sand gradually replace natural sand, sand production mechanisms and thus become the focus of our attention today Yifan Machinery describes how to create a safe and effective sand production line

Before selecting stone production line equipment, we should choose a good production of artificial gravel material sources, production of artificial sand production, quality, quality, and so the vast majority are made of sand production line equipment of the decision, so the stone production line on the selected device must understand the performance of the equipment and the production of the main purposes of carrying out the gravel carefully selected. 
stone production line

Professionals based on professional experience as you analyze how to select the stone production line equipment: 
1, under normal circumstances, we believe that if carried out with three coarse aggregate, then we can use the two broken segments to be broken, if necrosis conducted with four of the coarse aggregate, we can use the three segments to be broken broken. 
2, a key task is to stone production line for coarse crushed material for crushing stone crusher we generally common main jaw crusher, jaw crusher crushing equipment is widely used by major the initial task is broken stone, the main advantage of jaw crusher is high yield, the price is right, less the initial crushed stone needle tablets, is a good crushing equipment.

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