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Yifan Machinery explain how to do the tracked mobile crusher station

Tracked mobile crusher station is a kind of high efficient crushing equipment, using its own driving mode, advanced technology, complete functions. In any terrain conditions, this device can reach any position of the work site. This can reduce the material processing operation, and is convenient for all auxiliary equipment coordination. Through the wireless remote control, can be very easily to the crusher to the trailer, and it is transported to the job site. Without the assembly time, so the equipment to work site can be put to work immediately. Mobile crusher broken than large, the optimum design can meet the needs of crusher technical characteristics, high productivity, product particle size uniformity.

Installation and commissioning

[1] .The equipment should be installed in horizontal concrete foundation, fixed with anchor bolts.

[2] .The installation should pay attention to the main body and the horizontal and vertical.

[3] .Check after installation of the bolts looseness and host door is fastened, please fasten.

[4] .According to the equipment power distribution power line and a control switch.

[5] .After inspection, for no load test, the test can be produced in normal.

The maintenance of the machine

[1] .Bearing temperature, stop and check the reason to be eliminated.

[2] .Bearing load machine full load, so the good lubrication on bearing life have a great relationship, it directly affects the machine making

[3] .Service life and operation rate, thus requiring into the lubricating oil must be clean, seal must be in good condition, the main oil at rotating bearing roller bearing,all the gear,movable bearing, sliding plane.

[4] .The new installation of the tire are prone to loose must often be checked.

[5] .Note that each part of the machine is working.

[6] .Check the easy wear parts wear, always pay attention to replace worn parts.

[7] .On the device frame plane, should go out dust and dirt to avoid machine doesn't broken material activities in bottom bearing can not move, resulting in a serious accident.

[8] .The rotary gear in operation if the impact of noise check should be immediately stopped, and the elimination of.

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